Remote participation

Live transcription and writeups can bring some of SRCCON to you.

It’s important to us to keep SRCCON small enough to feel friendly and conversational, but we also care about getting the ideas and conversations that take place at SRCCON into the wider world. The most important way this happens is when attendees return to their home newsrooms and put their new skills and approaches to work, but we are also documenting SRCCON as extensively as possible.


We had a live-captioning team transcribe 26 sessions at SRCCON. Live streams were available during these sessions, and links to the cleaned-up archives appear below.

Thursday sessions

9:45amWelcome to SRCCON
10:30-11:30amThreat Modeling for Code: When is Bad Code the Better Solution?
10:30-11:30amYou're The Reason My Name Is On Google: The Ethics Of Publishing Public Data
10:30-11:30amHow do we convey technical ideas without dumbing things down?
12-1pmBuilding news apps for humanity
12-1pmSkipping the blame game and working across teams to fix newsroom Ad Tech
12-1pmHow can we peer review our data stories?
2:30-3:30pmDesigning Participatory Algorithmic Decision-Making Processes
2:30-3:30pmThe good and bad of newsroom on-boarding processes (and how can we make them better)
2:30-3:30pmThe Ecology of Newsroom Software
4-5pmHungry for audience insights? Let’s make a DIY user research toolkit for newsrooms!
4-5pmAccessibility in media
4-5pmTools to search millions of documents remotely and across borders

Friday sessions

10:30-11:30amWhy your bot is nothing without a human
10:30-11:30amBreak Down that Wall: Why Editorial and Audience Development Need to Work Together
10:30-11:30am‘Insert Caption Here’: how Facebook made video captioning cool
12-1pmEvery day I'm juggling: Managing managers, peer expectations, and your own project ideas
12-1pmWhere does photojournalism fit in the future of news?
12-1pmKeeping people at the forefront of data stories
2:30-3:30pmThrough an iPhone Darkly: Media and Networks through the lens of Science Fiction
2:30-3:30pmBetter Analytics: Why You Have to Define Success Before You Use Analytics — And How To Do It
2:30-3:30pmGive and Receive: Can we strengthen our community through remote mentorship and office hours?
4-5pmHow can teams build a consistent culture of documentation?
4-5pmRunning undergraduate internships that produce great newsroom developers
4-5pmGet you a CMS that can do both: Platforms, the web, and storytelling imperatives


During and after SRCCON, we have a documentation team writing up session summaries, collecting resource lists, and more. We’ll be publishing the write-ups on Source in the weeks that follow the conference, and also collecting write-ups and blog posts from attendees.

Transcription at SRCCON is made possible by The New York Times