We are building SRCCON in the open and sharing what we learn.

We’d love for everyone interested in coming to SRCCON to be able to attend, and as the next-best thing, we’re offering ways to join in remotely and learn from this year’s sessions long after the event is over. This page brings together our remote-participation options, and our growing collection of documentation and also some of the resources we return to again and again as we work to make SRCCON better for all.

Live Transcripts

Our live-captioning team will be transcribing almost half of all this year’s SRCCON sessions—we’ve marked them on the schedule—and we’ll post links to the streaming transcripts on the homepage during the event. You can also install our brand-new SRCCON Transcript Alert bot for Slack or follow @srccon on Twitter for links to transcripts as they go live.

After the event is over, we’ll open up all the transcripts for collaborative copyediting and correction to produce a final collection of cleaned-up transcripts.

Audio & Video

We’re experimenting with audio capture this year, and will be posting edited audio from selected SRCCON sessions later this summer, along with a short highlights video.

Your Writeups, We Want Them

We’re looking for writeups of SRCCON sessions, and also for a few writeups that cut across sessions and follow a single theme across the event. We’ll publish these on Source in August, and here’s what we’re looking for:

The ideal writeup is a slightly detailed narrative version of your own SRCCON notes—what you’d tell a colleague about things you learned or processed, with the links and resources you’d want to pass along to them.

Writeups pay $200, invoiced on publication. Pitch us a writeup on a session or a theme by emailing—we’d love your help bringing more of SRCCON’s wealth of shared knowledge to a wider audience!

Making-of-SRCCON Docs

Resources & Inspiration